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Guide to Viewing the 2017-18 Portland Trail Blazers

There are so many ways to watch the Blazers this season. Here are all your options.

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NBA: Preseason-Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2017-18 guide to watching the Portland Trail Blazers. In years past, it ended with “just order Comcast Cable or League Pass.” However, there are plenty of other options this season, including YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue, and Hulu Live TV. Let’s dig in!

[Want to skip the details, and just see what services we recommend? Scroll straight to the bottom]

What Channels Do I Need To See All Games?

Around Portland: NBC Sports Northwest, ESPN, and TNT. Maybe ABC for the playoffs. Do not buy NBA League Pass; all Blazer games are blacked out locally.
Outside of Portland: NBA League Pass, plus ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, and maybe ABC. Games on national networks are not shown on League Pass.
Outside the US: International League Pass carries all games.

Don’t know if you’re “around Portland”? Check your zip code here. If it says you’re blacked out of Blazers games, it means you’re in the local area and will need the channels listed above for “Around Portland.

How Can I Subscribe To All These Channels?

While many options exist, each one has its own quirks. Let’s walk through them all. But remember! If you’re outside of the Portland area, you need NBA League Pass PLUS one of the services below. Learn about League Pass here.

Note: For all of these services except YouTube TV, you can also use the NBC Sports App to view games on NBC Sports (not TNT, ESPN or ABC). It’s available for nearly every device on the market, including ones from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Roku. You can also access them all via your preferred web browser.

Your Local Cable TV Company (Comcast, Frontier, Charter, etc)

Depending on your location, contact them directly to see if they carry all of the channels you need, and what streaming options are available. If you’re comfortable with the cost, this is arguably the easiest option, but they are often “behind the times” for streaming. The NBC Sports App would help with that.

YouTube Live TV

Compatibility: Apps for Apple, Google, Xbox and Roku (No Windows or Amazon); can also use web site. Not compatible with the NBC Sports App.


  • Inside Portland area: TNT unavailable (6 games). They might stream on their site.
  • Outside of Portland area: At least 16 games unavailable nationally (no NBA TV or TNT).

Price: $35/month (plus the price of NBA League Pass if you’re not near Portland).

PlayStation Vue

Compatibility: Apps for Apple, Android, Amazon and Roku (no Xbox/Windows); can also use web site and NBC Sports App for other devices.
Viewability: All games (Portland or National) available with core package.
Price: $40/month (plus the price of NBA League Pass if you’re not near Portland)

Hulu Live TV

Compatibility: Apps for Apple, Google, Amazon, Roku, and Xbox (No Windows). Web site available, but in beta. Also, can use NBC Sports App for other devices.


  • Portland Area: All games available.
  • Outside of Portland Area: No NBA TV; 10 games cannot be seen.

Price: $40/month (plus the price of NBA League Pass if you’re not near Portland).


Compatibility: Apps for Apple, Google, Amazon, Roku (No Windows/Xbox). Also via web site.
Viewability: 11 games unavailable in Portland or Nationally (No ESPN or TNT)
Price: $40/month

Status of DirecTV and Dish Network: As of October 2017, the satellite services still do not broadcast NBC Sports Northwest. Accordingly, the Dish-Network-owned SlingTV also does not offer NBC Sports Northwest, so we did not include it in the streaming list.

Streaming via the NBC Sports App

If you subscribe to one of the above services (except YouTube TV), you can also stream games for free on the NBC Sports App. It’s available for Apple, Google, Windows, XBox, Amazon, Roku, and even Samsung TV’s. If you’re in the Portland area, and the game is on NBC Sports Northwest, this is an option for any device that isn’t in the compatible list above.

The Verdict: What Service Should I Use?

  • Around Portland: Your local Cable Company, Hulu Live TV or PlayStation Vue. You’ll need to confirm that your cable company carries the channels listed at the top. For Hulu Live TV or PlayStation Vue, they are the same price ($40/month), and your decisions depends on your devices or your personal preference. YouTube TV is the cheapest ($35/month), but they don’t have TNT. They also do not support the NBC Sports App.
  • Outside Portland: Your local cable company or PlayStation Vue, plus NBA League Pass. The other streaming options also require League Pass, but still have some games unavailable (16 for YouTube and Hulu, 11 for FuboTV).