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New Year, New Trail Blazers?

The FANalysts are back on the Blazer’s Edge Weekend Podcast, joined by Ashley Williams to talk Festus Ezeli, trades, Evan Turner & more!

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

FANalysts Jo and Tara are joined by Blazer’s Edge video reporter Ashley Williams to welcome the new year with a round of "Would You Rather?" asking questions related to the Portland Trail Blazers: Would you rather have Festus Ezeli or Wesley Matthews on the team right now? Would you rather root for a small market team or a big market team? Would you rather trade CJ or everyone else?

They also talk about two national reporters’ early reviews on Evan Turner: now that we are well into the season, do they agree with the sentiments in these tweets?

Find out how the FANalysts feel during the Obligatory Evan Turner Talk segment. Finally, #RIPTilikum.

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Women’s Hops And Talks (W.H.A.T.)

Join us for the next Women’s Hops and Talks meetup. We will meet on Tuesday January 10 at McMenamins on Broadway to watch the Blazers take on the Los Angeles Lakers. Meet up starts at 7:00, tip off at 7:30.

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Blazer’s Edge Night 2017

Want to assist us in sending 2,000+ underprivileged Portland-area kids to a Trail Blazers game this spring? Check out Blazer’s Edge Night 2017 for information on how to get involved, and help spread the word!