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Stein: Blazers “Tracking Tyson Chandler” As Trade Target

ESPN’s Marc Stein discusses trade rumors about Tyson Chandler, Paul Millsap, DeMarcus Cousins, Andrew Bogut and Wesley Matthews.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off a report that the Portland Trail Blazers showed interest in acquiring Paul Millsap, another name appears: Phoenix Suns center Tyson Chandler is on the Blazers’ radar, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.

Word is Portland, of late, has been tracking Tyson Chandler as a potential trade target, since the Phoenix center could certainly help the Blazers with their defensive issues.

Chandler, 34, has two seasons left on his contract after this season valued at $26.5 million, but it remains to be seen how willing the Suns are to part with their interior anchor after Chandler encouraged the club to resist outside trade interest last summer.

Chandler is averaging 7.5 points and 11.6 rebounds in 29 games for the Suns.

Another big man, Andrew Bogut, is also being shopped. He recently voiced unhappiness about his status in Dallas.

The prospect of an Andrew Bogut trade remains very real in Big D -- an outcome even Bogut has acknowledged.

Stein does not list the Blazers as a pursuer for Paul Millsap, but does state that the Hawks are focused on prospects as a primary part of any deal for the soon-to-be 32-year-old big man.

Other serious suitors for Millsap are bound to emerge, but here's the real question: Can Atlanta get a future first-round pick of better quality than the first it's getting for Korver when Millsap is poised to attract so much big-money interest as a free agent come July 1? Teams could well prove hesitant to surrender too much for a primo pending free agent.

The Hawks, sources say, want at least one quality first to headline a Millsap deal.

Other Blazers-related notes from Stein:

  • The Mavs are “batting away” trade offers for former Blazers shooting guard Wesley Matthews, after his recent resurgence following his Achilles tear.
  • It would take “a monster offer” for the Sacramento Kings to part with DeMarcus Cousins.

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