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Blazers Acquire 2017 First Round Pick from Cavaliers

The Portland Trail Blazers have acquired the Cavs’ unprotected 2017 first round draft pick. In return, the Blazers send back the Cavs’ 2018 first round pick.

Festus Ezeli Press Conference and Photo Shoot Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Update (2:30 pm): The Portland Trail Blazers officially announced this trade with a press release. The previously-top-ten protected 2018 pick is now unprotected for 2017, but with the Cavaliers sitting on a 26-8 record, that is unlikely to matter.

The Portland Trail Blazers have acquired the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2017 first round draft pick, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. In return, the Blazers will send back Cleveland’s 2018 first round pick.

The Blazers had previously acquired the 2018 pick when they agreed to take on Anderson Varejao, and associated salary obligations, from the Cavs.

The 2018 pick was top-10 protected. There has been no word on whether or not the 2017 pick will carry protections, but it is unlikely to matter as Cleveland (26-8) has one of the best records in the NBA and will consequently be in the back end of the first round.

The Blazers now own all of their first round picks for the foreseeable future, as well as the Cavs’ 2017 first rounder. The Blazers do not have a second round pick in 2017, but own second round picks - either their own, or one from another team - in all subsequent seasons. For full details check this link.

Earlier today the Cavs also traded Mo Williams and a future first round pick to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Kyle Korver. Mike Dunleavey Jr. was also apparently included in the deal, but his role in the trade remains unclear.

The pick swap with the Blazers facilitated the Hawks/Cavs trade by allowing the Cavs to include their 2019 first round pick in a deal.

Without this exchange with the Blazers, the Cavs would only have been able to trade their 2020 first round selection to the Hawks because of the NBA’s “Stepien Rule.” This rules prohibits a team trading away its future first round picks in consecutive years.

The transactions are a clear win for the Cavs and Blazers. The Blazers will now see the fruits of the Varejao trade a season earlier, accelerating the continued retooling of the roster. Alternatively, the 2017 pick may prove more useful as a trade asset this year than the 2018 pick.

In Korver, the Cavs have acquired another dead-eye shooter to supplement their bench as they contend for a second consecutive NBA championship. They have also possibly lessened their luxury tax bill by eliminating a first rounder’s guaranteed salary for next season.

The Hawks, on the other hand, have signaled that they likely do not intend to compete for a high playoff spot by jettisoning a rotation player for low-impact veterans. Despite this, they are still no. 5 in the Eastern Conference with a 19-16 record. The Hawks have also reportedly been shopping free-agent-to-be Paul Millsap.

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