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CJ McCollum to Chandler Parsons: “We Hit the Lottery By Not Signing You”

Blazers President Chris McGowan addressed the team’s social media presence after an exchange between CJ McCollum and Chandler Parsons.

Chris McGowan
Blazers President Chris McGowan speaks to reporters at a press conference.
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UPDATE (10:38 a.m.): Trail Blazers president Chris McGowan has issued a statement about the social media staff best practices and last night’s incident:

The statement was immediately met with a hatchet-burying response from Parsons.

Following Friday night’s Trail Blazers victory against the Memphis Grizzlies, Grizzlies forward and one time free agent target of the Blazers fired back at the Trail Blazers social media team following a tweet regarding Parsons air-balling a three during the game.

CJ McCollum wasted no time in responding to the ever present “shots fired” by Parsons.

Not one to let others have the last word, Parsons replied with his own take.

At first glance it appears that McCollum and the Blazers have emerged victorious on and off the court tonight. However, it is worth noting that $94 million over 4-years makes Parsons a winner too.

Damian Lillard couldn’t resist reacting.

Parsons is, of course, best known to Blazer fans for failing to block Lillard’s game-winning three-pointer that sent the Blazers to the second round over the Houston Rockets.

damian lillard chandler parsons buzzer beater
Damian Lillard game-winner