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Make a Difference in the Life of a Young Trail Blazers Fan

Do you follow the Portland Trail Blazers? Here’s how you can change lives doing so.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

As most of you know by now, each year Blazer’s Edge sends hundreds of underprivileged kids from the Portland-Seattle area to see the Portland Trail Blazers play a game at the Moda Center. This year’s game is March 9th as the Blazers face the Philadelphia 76’ers. If you can imagine the face of a young person who never thought they’d be able to see the team in person walking through arena doors to the sight of Damian Lillard and Joel Embiid on the floor, you’ve got the idea. It’s a marvelous, magical evening. We bring hope, connection, and inspiration to the next generation of Trail Blazers fans.

We’ve got plenty of people ready to go to the game this year. We’ve got a busload coming down from Seattle. We’ve got large groups from Portland, Gresham, and all around. At this point we’re still a few hundred tickets short. If we don’t band together and donate those tickets, the kids don’t get to go.

As the donation deadline approaches, I’m sending out this plea to you. Donating is easy. Just follow the link below and use our promo code and the tickets are donated automatically. They aren’t expensive. $9 is the baseline, ranging up to $25. Could you see your way to donating one or two so kids can go? Could your office or class get together and make a larger purchase? If you’re doing well in life, could maybe 10 or 20 kids go because of you?

We can’t adequately describe the difference this makes. All I know is that it’s nearly impossible to make yourself truly, lastingly happy with $20 but it’s easy to do that for one of these kids with a single ticket.

If you can help, the info is right here:

Tickets can be purchased online by going to the Blazers’ website through this link:

Use the order code: BLAZERSEDGE


If you don’t wish to order online, you may call ticket rep Alec Botts at 503.963.3926.

If you work with underprivileged children or youth, the process for requesting tickets is greatly simplified this year. Email me at for details. We’re eager to help you see a game!

—Dave / @Blazersedge / @DaveDeckard