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The Meyers Leonard Ed Davis Conundrum

The FANalysts are back on the Blazer’s Edge Podcast to talk Meyers Leonard and Ed Davis.

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

We’ve all heard that coach Terry Stotts’ use of Meyers Leonard and Ed Davis in the lineup is “situational.” But what are the different situations? Join the Fanalysts as they attempt to figure out the Meyers Leonard/Ed Davis conundrum.

They also get out their rose-colored glasses and look at the Trail Blazers in 2017 to figure out if they can still finish the season strong.

Finally, “Player of the Week” returns, so sit back and learn about Mason Plumlee, his mom’s basketball record (set in 1981!), the coaching kerfuffle in Warsaw, and don’t miss finding out who Mason’s mentor was on the Nets!

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