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Damian Lillard Fires Shots on Twitter

A fan critiqued the star point guard’s approach to team leadership. Lillard wasn’t having it.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Freeman of the Oregonian published an article today discussing the Portland Trail Blazers viewing and critiquing video of their recent 120-101 loss to the Washington Wizards. The piece discussed various approaches to the film session and is a must-read as a whole. Among the most striking lines were these concerning star point guard Damian Lillard:

As the Blazers talked, as the suggestions poured in, as the productive back-and-forth unfolded, there was one powerful voice noticeably absent: Lillard's.

The Blazers' All-Star decided to sit this one out and let his teammates have the floor.

"I didn't say nothing," Lillard said. "Because I always say something. Everything I see, my teammates know, I'll speak up whether it's good or bad. I think, as a leader, sometimes you've just got to shut up and let other people say what they need to say. They might have an issue or address something that I didn't do well. And I've got to be quiet and be open to that and listen sometimes. It can't come off as me trying to boss everybody around or (seem like) I've got all the answers. I didn't say anything."

Despite Lillard’s explanation of his silence, a social media commentator wasn’t having it. Perceiving shortcomings in the All-Star’s approach, he let his displeasure be known.

Apparently Lillard was not having it either, as he addressed the issue forthrightly:

The earnest tweeter doubled down on his explanation:

Lillard was not done with him:

The critic ended up making peace in the end...

...but it’s still unusual and interesting to see a bona fide NBA star take on a topic like this so directly and personally. Whether you agree with Damian Lillard’s, there’s no doubt it’s his and he’s going to defend it.

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