Trail Blazers Weekly Recap

My name is Kyle and I am an enthusiastic Blazer fan. I have decided to write a fanpost every Friday to recap what is happening with the Blazers each week. I am doing this because I love talking about the Blazers, and this gives me a tool to practice my writing skills every week. If you like this idea, make sure to check in every week to read the latest recap. Enough about me though, here is what this fanpost is all about.

The "Trail Blazers Weekly Recap" will be an article between 1,000 and 2,000 words that summarizes the games of the week, the rumors and news that is reported, and gives an upcoming summary of the week ahead. This is done on a Friday to Friday basis to provide loyal Trail Blazers fans a consolidated update about their favorite team. This is also meant to spark discussions among fans in the comments because it is fun to talk with other Blazer fans. Now with the introduction out of the way, it is time to get into the first ever Trail Blazers weekly recap!

Games this week- vs. DET, @LAL, vs. CLE

Vs. DET (Final Score- 124-125 DET)

On Sunday, despite all of C.J McCollum's heroics, the Blazers fell just short to the Detroit Pistons in double overtime. This game was originally meant to be played on Saturday, but thanks to a potential ice storm coming through Portland, the NBA decided to postpone this game until later the next day. After halftime, the Blazers had themselves a lead that they did not relinquish until midway through the fourth quarter when Reggie Jackson decided that he could make midrange shots like number 3 on the other team can. C.J scored 21 points in the fourth quarter and overtime, including 2 game tying three pointers, but that wasn't enough. Damian Lillard was nonexistent as he did not score in the 4th quarter or overtime, but was also taken out of the game (along with CJ) for important defensive possessions. Allen Crabbe scored a career high (30) off of the bench which was the most since Jamal Crawford did it in 2011, while Mason Plumlee fell 2 points shy of a triple-double (8 pts, 10 reb, 12 ast). In a game that looked like the Blazers had in the palm of their hand, they found a way to let it slip away by being outscored in the paint by 22, and by turning the ball over 18 times which lead to 25 extra Detroit points.

@LAL (Final Score 108-87 POR)

The Blazers visited the City of Angels on Tuesday to play against the young Lakers for the second time in a week. Lillard started off cold missing every shot in the first quarter while C.J had a great start. Ed Davis got to check in for the first time in a while and was effective doing Ed Davis-like things such as rebounding and dunking. With 9 minutes remaining in the second quarter, the Lakers took a 35-28 lead which they would maintain until the early part of the third quarter. Damian started 0-8 from the field before making a layup to put him on the board. The Blazers ended the half with a 2 point deficit thanks to going on a 10-4 run to end the half and having 3 scorers in double figures compared to the Lakers single double-digit scorer. The second half consisted of the Blazers demolishing the Lakers who only shot 29.3%. Lillard went on a mini 9-0 run and the Blazers went on a 10-2 run in the quarter as well. The twelve points the Blazers allowed was the fewest points in a quarter they have allowed all year; the Blazers were not challenged again for the rest of the night. There was a nice play in the fourth quarter which involved Moe Harkless viscously swatting a shot and making a layup in transition the other way. Soon it was Layman time and the game was pretty much sealed from then on. C.J McCollum tied Dame and Aldridge's career long streaks of 6 straight games of 25+ points and Damian scored 20 on the Lakers for the sixth straight time. The 87 points they allowed was a season best. Most importantly, they picked up their tenth straight victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Vs. CLE (Final Score- 102-86 POR)

After a hectic 24 hours for the Blazers, they found themselves at the Moda Center getting ready to play a revenge game against the reigning NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers came out with purpose, trapping Lillard every time he got the ball making it almost impossible for him to score; his only points seemed to come on circus shots. Both teams started off hot before their tired legs gave way at the beginning of the second quarter. As soon as the Cavs got tired, the Blazers began their run. After a beautiful Evan Turner behind the back move followed by threading the needle for a Moe Harkless dunk, the Blazers took a 42-26 lead and would not relinquish it. This game had the same feeling as last years home dismantling of the Cavs, and while they didn't give up on their coach, they could not contain the energetic Blazers. At halftime Allen Crabbe had a game-high 18 points and the Blazers lead it 59-51. The second half of this game was extremely fun to watch as a Trail Blazers fan and caused many to wonder where that effort has been all season! The Cavaliers waved the white flag early in the fourth and the Blazers coasted to their best victory of the season!

News & Rumors-

Blazers interested in Tyson Chandler?-

It was reported early this week by Marc Stein that the Blazers were considering Suns big Tyson Chander as a candidate to trade for at the deadline. There have been many mixed feelings about this as some believe he is too old and too expensive while others believe he would be a major improvement and worth the money. While he would definitely be an improvement, the question has to be "is it worth it?" Chandler doesn't exactly fit the Blazers timeline, but he would improve this team and make them a playoff "contender". Here is a link to another Blazersedge article discussing this topic if you are curious.

Inclement weather postpones Detroit Game-

The game last Saturday against the Detroit Pistons got postponed a day due to inclement weather in the greater Portland area. Blazers team officials were afraid that the fans in attendance would be stuck at the Moda Center after the game due to the ice so they decided to postpone it a day. This is apparently the first weather delay Portlands had to face in the Rose City since 2005. Sadly this did not help the home team as they lost to the Detroit Pistons the next night.

Blazers Travel woes didn't faze them vs. Cleveland-

A day trip down to Los Angeles turned into a nightmare as the Blazers found out that they had to head to Portland despite the airport cancelling all inbound and outbound flights. The NBA forced them to travel that night because there is a rule that states a team needs to be within 200 miles of the arena on game day to prevent any travel issues. The Blazers had to fly into Seattle that night and fly to Portland the next day. When they go to Portland they could not even go home so they had to stay at the Benson Hotel. Despite Cleveland managing to land at PDX 12+ hours before the Blazers did, the Blazers were the more energetic team that night. I guess Portland needs to fly to Seattle more often!

Snow doesn't keep Blazer fans away like predicted-

Hours before the Cavs game, governor Kate Brown put Oregon into a "state of emergency". That did not keep Blazer fans from showing up at the Moda Center that night to cheer their favorite team on; apparently one fan managed to hitchhike to the game from West Linn! People predicted that the Blazers could lose millions due to having roughly 5,000 people show up, but it was reported that there was a crowd of 19,000+ which made it a sellout! Way to go Portland fans, half the teams in the NBA don't get that attendance at a home game in perfect conditions!

Coming up next-

The Blazers will start the week at home versus Orlando and then go on a four-game east cost swing beginning at Washington and continuing on to Charlotte to end the week. If the Blazers continue playing like they have been recently, they could sweep this set of games, but as you know with the Trail Blazers... Nothing comes easy. My prediction for the week: 2-1

Thank you for taking the time to read my first article in my new weekly series of articles! I post other updates throughout the week, but look to make this my big project for the rest of the season(at least). If you liked it and would be interested in reading more, please recommend this post. Also if theres something you would like to recommend for these pieces, or something I should remove, please comment and I will take it into account. I hope these spark conversations among fans and you enjoy reading them! Don't worry, next week I will not include all the dialogue! Thank you, and enjoy your week Blazer fans!

Player of the week- C.J McCollum; 29 pts, 4 ast, 2.7 reb

Totals(Opponent total)- Points: 334(298) Assists: 90(51) Rebounds: 130(127)