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Recap: Blazers Freeze The Cavs, 102-86

Down go the Champs! Allen Crabbe and CJ McCollum lead the Blazers to a huge victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What a shocker! The Portland Trail Blazers took care of business against the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Moda Center for the third straight season, winning 102-86. On the second half of their road trip, the Cavs were unprepared for the Blazers’ aggressive play and bench scoring


The Cavs were caught flat-footed by the Blazers in the first half. Somewhat literally; they looked a step slow on many plays. Portland took advantage, maintaining a small lead through the first quarter. But they opened things up in the second quarter, as Allen Crabbe came alive, finishing with 18 first half points. The Cavs had no answers... until LeBron James returned. Cleveland cut Portland’s 16 point lead to 6 before the Blazers righted the ship. They led at the half by 8.

CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard took control in the third, opening up a 15 point lead again. The tug-of-war began, with the Cavs cutting the lead into single digits quickly. Portland still maintained a 12 point lead after the third, and had a chance to put the Cavs away.

It was only a temporary delay, though. The Cavs tried to keep the game close while James sat on the bench. He never returned. McCollum lit up the Cavs, and before the players could blink, Portland led by 20+ points. The Cavs starters sat down, “The Closers” got a few minutes on the court, and the hearty fans at the Moda Center enjoyed a big victory.

The Blazers were led by McCollum (27 points), Crabbe (24 points), Lillard (14 points), Moe Harkless (13 points) and Al-Farouq Aminu (11 points, 12 rebounds).

Box Score

What’s Next

The Blazers get a few nights off, if they can get back to their houses. They’ll play the Magic Friday night. But stay tuned, Eric Griffith will have all kinds of interesting thoughts about tonight’s game later.

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