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Vegas OddsMakers Set Portland Trail Blazers 2016-17 Over/Under

The Blazers are expected to win significantly more games than they were last year.

Los Angeles Clippers v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Six Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Westgate SuperBook has set the 2016-17 win total over/under for each NBA team, cementing the line on the Portland Trail Blazers at 46.5 wins. This is up a full 20 wins from last season’s over/under (26.5) that the Blazers eclipsed on February 10, just before the 2016 NBA All-Star break.

Now, keep in mind that just because this year’s prediction may seem reasonable, unreasonable things do happen. Last year’s line was well within the realm of reason until the Blazers busted their way into the unexpected. That said, the 2015-16 team was an unknown quantity after a free agency necessitated makeover, whereas the turnover between this roster and last year’s roster is comparatively minimal. This time the line is grounded in what we’ve seen instead of what has yet to be seen.

The Blazers finished their 2015-16 campaign with a record of 44-38. The over/under of 46.5 wins is a pretty solid reflection of how their offseason went; they swung and missed on the biggest names but added a few that look good on paper while retaining most of what made them successful in the preceding season. Chances are they will be better than they were last year, but will not take the West by storm unless they capture lightning in a bottle.

In a world where the Vegas predictions hold, this would place the Blazers at No. 5 in the Western Conference, behind the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, and Utah Jazz, and No. 8 in the league as a whole. Here is the full list of over/unders from

  • GSW: 66.5
  • CLE: 56.5
  • SAS: 56.5
  • LAC: 53.5
  • BOS: 51.5
  • TOR: 49.5
  • UTA: 47.5
  • POR: 46.5
  • DET: 45.5
  • OKC: 45.5
  • ATL: 43.5
  • IND: 43.5
  • MEM: 43.5
  • WAS: 42.5
  • HOU: 41.5
  • MIN: 41.5
  • CHA: 39.5
  • DAL: 39.5
  • MIL: 39.5
  • CHI: 38.5
  • NYK: 38.5
  • MIA: 36.5
  • NOP: 36.5
  • ORL: 36.5
  • DEN: 34.5
  • SAC: 32.5
  • PHI: 27.5
  • PHX: 26.5
  • LAL: 24.5
  • BKN: 20.5

What do you think, Blazers fans? Did Vegas get it right this time, or will the Blazers surprise again, for better or for worse?