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Blazers Stats Leaked For Newest 2K Video Game

The newest iteration of 2K Sports' popular basketball franchise has given some interesting rankings for the upcoming Blazers squad.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA season just around the corner, the virtual verdict is in on the Portland Trail Blazers for the upcoming season.

Player ratings in the popular NBA 2K franchises' latest release, NBA 2K17, have been released, with the Blazers getting a surprising amount of love from game studio Visual Concepts, reported Casey Holdahl.

A YouTube user named "Black Haven" posted gameplay from an advanced copy of the game, allowing viewers to see some of the player stats before the game's official release.

Damian Lillard leads the way with an 89 overall rating, placing him just below the "Superstar" threshold, while fellow guard CJ McCollum ranks in at 83, a substantial jump from the 72 he was ranked last year.

Other presumed starters scored high with Mason Plumlee (78), Al-Farouq Aminu (77), and Evan Turner (77).  Almost the entire roster went up in ratings from a year ago, with McCollum and Allen Crabbe (75 this season, 67 last season) making the largest jumps.

For the 2K franchise, a player rated 90 or higher is a "superstar," 80 or higher is a "star" and 70-79 is an "average" player. The players who got "superstar" status last season were Anthony Davis (92), James Harden (92), Kevin Durant (91), LeBron James (94) and Stephen Curry (92).

Understandably, there is always controversy when translating real life abilities to in-game statistics, especially with the game's heavier focus on offensive attributes. There was outcry from Golden State Warriors fans last season when forward Draymond Green only rated an 82, placing him among players such as Eric Bledsoe and Bradley Beal. A mid-season patch adjusted Green to 89.

NBA 2K17 releases Sept. 20 for PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.