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Trail Blazers Bond in San Diego

Damian Lillard and his teammates once again meet up for offseason workouts in San Diego.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Portland Trail Blazers Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers have good chemistry; A freshly-signed Festus Ezeli alluded to it in his introductory press conference in Portland this summer, and more than one article has attributed the Blazers’ recent overachievements to their cohesion on and off the court — at least in part.

You might have known the Blazers took a team trip down to San Diego in 2015, and they’ve done the same again this year. While the circumstances are somewhat different — the roster continuity from the 2015-16 season until now far exceeds that of the two years prior — the goal is the same: strengthen the bond between the players.

Here’s a quick social media hit of some of their California living:

...ah, yes, the gym! Nothing says “we’re hanging out in San Diego” like cramming into an air-conditioned gym.

...this fan knows their boundaries, which Dame later appreciated in a tweet of his own.

...more gym pics, a palm tree, and a shirtless PatCon? This tweet’s got it all!

And while there may be more pictures to come, it goes without saying that no Blazers vacation picture in the history of Blazers vacation pictures will top this beauty from last year’s San Diego romp:

...the contrast between Meyers Leonard’s shirtless glory and Damian Lillard’s LONG SLEEVED and BRIMMED HATTED beach attire cannot be outdone.

Stay tuned for more updates on how the boys in crimson, black and silver are representing Rip City down in America’s Finest City.