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Terry Stotts Joins Locked on NBA Podcast

Terry Stotts was a guest on David Locke's Locked on NBA podcast

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

If you follow me on Twitter, perhaps you've seen that I produce a podcast called Locked on Blazers. It's a daily podcast, although we are going just twice a week during the dead time of NBA news. You can subscribe to it on iTunesaudioBoom and stitcher. However, Locked on Blazers isn't the only place to get Blazers content. David Locke, the founder of the Locked on Podcast network had Blazers head coach Terry Stotts on his NBA podcast.

They start the podcast talking about what Stotts has done in the offseason for vacations. At about the 10-minute mark they talk about how the Blazers developed into roles that they were unfamiliar with last season. Then he also goes on to address things such as why he felt like Noah Vonleh fit more with the starters.

At the 14-minute mark, he discussed how he feels he's grown as a coach since his first jobs in Milwaukee and Atlanta as well as how he sees the game differently. At the 17-minute mark he also talks about Rick Carlisle.

Locke is the play-by-play man for the Utah Jazz, hosts Locked on NBA as well as his Jazz podcast Locked on Jazz.

You can check out the latest episode of Locked on Blazers right here.