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Who Will Have a Breakout Year for the Portland Trail Blazers?

Jo and Tara answer listener questions and discuss their expectations for Meyers Leonard, Allen Crabbe, Festus Ezeli and Noah Vonleh on this week's FANalyst edition of the Blazer's Edge podcast.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Join the FANalysts as they tackle a wide variety of topics - which young Trail Blazers will have a breakout year, and who will be the odd man out? Will the Trail Blazers be a 50-win team? What will be the most interesting battle in training camp? Will they have an NBA championship in five years?

Jo and Tara puzzle through the possible starting lineups and talk about their hopes and expectations for Meyers Leonard, Festus Ezeli, Allen Crabbe, and Noah Vonleh. Then they find themselves in the middle of an unexpected argument about a return of Tim Frazier.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in questions, we wish we could have gotten to all of them!

Tune in to find out what the FANalysts are thinking and comment below about what is on YOUR mind.

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