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Mark Mason Health Update: Preparing For Preseason

Mason is doing much better as he prepares for the 2016-17 NBA season.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazers PA announcer Mark Mason was sidelined in April after a stint that led to his right leg became blocked and caused a serious medical emergency. In our last health update, Mason was still unable to climb the stairs of his Tigard home. That was in May, five weeks after the unfortunate event. As the late summer opens with some muggy August afternoons, Mason is doing much better. Upon reprising his role with KPAM radio, Mason checked in with Michael Holton and Jay Allen on Trail Blazers Courtside.

"It takes me a lot longer to get ready because I’m still, you know, slow. My goal was to be back on the air KPAM, today, August 1. The next goal is on September 1, to finish the walk I was on when I was stricken. I was at the end of a two-mile walk and I literally collapsed, so I’m going to finish that walk on September 1 over near Cook Park and finish it back to my house. And then, on October 3, be ready for the Blazers. I set little benchmarks, and these are the little benchmarks that I just set up for myself along the way. You got to have some challenges and you got to have goals. They may seem small, but to me they’re very large."

On October 3, the Blazers tip off the NBA preseason against the Utah Jazz. It sounds like Mason intends to be fully back in action by that point. To the relief and delight of the Portland community, he will enter his 21st season with the team.