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Where does Moe Harkless fit with the Portland Trail Blazers?

There's a significant portion of Portland Trail Blazers fans who want Maurice Harkless to start. Should he? Or is it his time to learn while contributing from the bench?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's video Q & A was all about whether Evan Turner or Allen Crabbe should slot into the starting lineup. Several commenters decided to sidestep the $140 million dollar question altogether and suggest an alternative: Maurice Harkless.

This is not entirely surprising, as Harkless' performance in the 2015-16 NBA playoff campaign endeared him to both the fanbase and front office alike. That performance no doubt had some impact on the 4-year, $40 million contract the young forward recently earned himself from the Portland Trail Blazers.

But is he really ready for the starting lineup? Portland has a logjam of talent both on the wing and on the front line, where coach Terry Stotts will have to use some creativity to figure out how to get the best result from players with some serious deficits.

That's all in this week's video, where we cover the three important topics of:

  • What makes a BAD contract in today's NBA?
  • What's the deal with that guitar behind me / can I shred?
  • Should Moe Harkless be in the starting lineup instead of Evan Turner or Allen Crabbe?

Watch the video above for the full breakdown, and if you want to have your question answered next week, comment below or send me a message via Twitter or Facebook. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel The Rewind directly with this link.

Last week's video on the Blazers' jersey sponsor can be found here.