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How Much Room for Growth do the Portland Trail Blazers Have?

Nate Duncan from the Dunc'd On NBA Podcast joins the Blazer's Edge Weekend Podcast to talk about why he gave the Trail Blazers an "F+" for their offseason, Evan Turner's fit, Allen Crabbe's potential growth, how Portland can improve this year and much more!

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At the end of July -- after the vaunted 2016 NBA free agency period slowed from an explosion of players changing zip codes for unprecedented money to a smattering of small signings -- salary cap expert Nate Duncan graded all of the NBA's roster moves on a team-by-team basis on his Dunc'd On NBA Podcast with RealGM's Danny Leroux.

Nate and Danny were both less than impressed by GM Neil Olshey's moves this offseason, assessing an F+ grade to the Portland Trail Blazers' summer (you can listen to the episode here or read a transcription with analysis provided by Blazer's Edge user Mr. Raymond Luxury Yacht here).

We invited Nate onto the Blazer's Edge Weekend Podcast this week to explain why he and Danny were so bearish on the Blazers' offseason. We also discussed Evan Turner at length, Allen Crabbe's potential for growth, how Portland can improve on their surprisingly successful 2015-16 campaign and much more!

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Nate's Dunc'd On NBA Podcast can be found here (his show comes highly recommended) or on itunes, and he's on twitter @NateDuncanNBA.

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-- Chris Lucia | | @ChrisLuciaPDX