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CJ McCollum Teases Kyrie Irving Over Instagram Photo

In summer fluff news, CJ McCollum sees Kyrie Irving's model-esque post on Instagram and tries to book him for a shoot.

Kyrie Irving / Instagram

As Cleveland Cavaliers point guard and reigning NBA champion Kyrie Irving plays his way through the 2016 Rio Olympics, he still has enough downtime to work on his social media game. In between beating Venezuela (113-69) and Australia (98-88) last week, Irving posted an Instagram photo of himself staring off into the distance as the breeze blew back his open windbreaker. It did not take long for Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum to give him a little grief (screenshot via Victoria Nguyen, The Score):

Kyrie Irving / Instagram

If you need a 6’3" athletic type for your next shoot, look no further? You’ll have to get in line behind McCollum though. One would imagine the going rate for a steely gaze from Mr. Irving requires requires an NBA paycheck... or just an Instagram follow if exclusivity isn’t an issue.