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Oregon DMV to Roll Out Portland Trail Blazers License Plates

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is introducing promotional Trail Blazers license plates starting September 1st.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

For those hardcore fans out there that must own every possible bit of team paraphernalia, the Oregon DMV may have a new piece of team merchandise for you.

The State of Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles announced that it will start rolling out Portland Trail Blazers license plates on September 1st, as first reported on

The plates will cost $40 on top of the other associated licensing fees, applying to both the two-year and four-year registrations. All of that $40 will go to the Trail Blazers Foundation.

Fans will also be able to get them with vanity inscriptions. Sadly, the Oregon DMV will not sell sample versions, and the plates are only purchasable on a vehicle registered in Oregon.