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Can the Portland Trail Blazers pull off a Greg Monroe trade?

The Portland Trail Blazers desperately needs frontline help, but does scoring Milwaukee Bucks big man Greg Monroe do enough to help the Blazers?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers seem a bit, well, inert during this free agency period. Evan Turner's massive 4-year, $70 million deal is one thing, but it clearly necessitates a second move by God Emperor of Dune President of Basketball Operations Neil Olshey.

My -- and your -- question is: what is it?

Portland doesn't seem to have many assets they'd be willing to give up, but even with Turner on the books, they need to get better defensively along their front line.

Does Festus Ezeli fix the problem? Or should the Blazers just go full steam ahead and go for Greg Monroe, scoring eleventy billion points per-game and giving up, like, eleventy billion and one?

This week's Q&A session covered all of that and more, including:

  • Who is your dark horse free agent signing for the Trail Blazers?
  • What is the best donut shop in Portland?
  • Am I more of a Rudy, or a Sergio?
  • Can you swap Greg Monroe for Cleveland's first-round pick and some change?

Watch the video above for the full breakdown, and if you want to have your question answered next week, comment below or send me a message via Twitter or Facebook.