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Conflicting Reports Surface Around Allen Crabbe's Rumored Deal With Nets

David Pick reports that Portland's restricted free agent wing has signed an offer sheet with the Nets

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (5:09 PM): Jason Quick of CSNNW reports this from Allen Crabbe's agent, further countering the earlier report of an offer:

UPDATE (4:37 PM): NBA Insider Sam Amick reports that Crabbe's deal with Brooklyn is being refuted and that he does not have a meeting scheduled with the Nets for another few days:

This does not necessarily mean that Crabbe and the Nets have not already reached an agreement, just that they have not yet held their meeting. It is still quite possible that Crabbe will sign with the Nets on a similar deal.

Portland's prized restricted free agent guard, Allen Crabbe, has agreed to a 4-year, $70 million offer sheet with the Brooklyn Nets, according to established international basketball reporter David Pick.

Pick is a force in international basketball reporting and has a history of breaking news. In addition to his report that the Nets and Crabbe have agreed to an offer-sheet, he adds that the Blazers will not match.

Pick's scoop is the first known report of a deal between Crabbe and the Nets. He is also the first reporter to deviate from the widely-reported belief that the Blazers will match any offer that comes Crabbe's way. The 4-year, $70 million deal is the same figure that's been reported with the Blazers and unrestricted free agent Evan Turner.

We will update as soon as we get more information.