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Who Starts More Games for the Portland Trail Blazers: Allen Crabbe or Evan Turner?

This week's video Q &A starts with the age old question of which $70 million wing player the Portland Trail Blazers should begin games with.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Turner is the new guy, Allen Crabbe is the old head. Turner is the vet, Crabbe knows the system. Turner got $70-something million, Crabbe got ... well, you see the conundrum.

Who the Portland Trail Blazers start at small forward in 2016-17 has already been the subject of much discussion, including by myself and Erik Gundersen on a recent edition of the Locked on Blazers podcast.

But whether Turner or Crabbe gets the start is up to much that has yet to be settled: the big man rotation, opposing defensive strategy against Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, and the balance between offense and defense between first and second units.

It's hard to tell which wing will start come October. Both have various talents as defenders, ball handlers, shooters, scorers and slashers. The only thing you can be certain of?

He'll make $70-something million.

Subjects covered in this week's video:

  • Who will start more games: Crabbe or Turner?
  • Is there any evidence to support situational lineups from Terry Stotts?
  • Who should realistically be the sponsor on the Blazers jersey?

Watch the video above for the full breakdown, and if you want to have your question answered next week, comment below or send me a message via Twitter or Facebook. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel The Rewind directly with this link.

Last week's video on the Blazers trading for a big man can be found here.