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Q&A With Allen Crabbe's Personal Trainer

Freelancer Nigel W. Powell brings Blazer's Edge a quick Q&A with Allen Crabbe's personal trainer, Casey Trujeque.

Editor's Note: From time to time, Blazer's Edge receives freelance submissions for feature pieces. This week, Nigel W. Powell, a senior at Hampton University Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communication, brings us a quick Q&A with Allen Crabbe's trainer. Enjoy!

Casey Trujeque (pronounced Tru-hek-e) has the magic touch. If you ask Portland Trail Blazers guard Allen Crabbe what's so special about his roommate and trainer, he would probably tell you that his best friend believes there is no substitute for hard work and no shortcuts to success. The two-a-day and three-a-day workouts are paying off for Crabbe, who credits his trainer for helping him to make the Blazers' rotation after sitting on the bench his first season. I talked to Trujeque on his way to Summer League about the "Casey T" formula and what it's like working with Crabbe.

Nigel W. Powell: Who is Casey Trujeque?

Casey Trujeque: I am a Christian who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, someone who finds joy in others' success and someone who never settles.

NWP: When did it become clear that you would be a trainer?

CT: When I was a junior in high school, I had a trainer who taught me the importance of having a personalized fitness plan and the value of individualized exercises. It was at Montana State where I was injured and could no longer play basketball that things changed. My teammates and others saw my workout methods and ask if they could join me.

NWP: What do you require of your clients?

CT: That they trust me the same way I want to trust them.

NWP: What makes you different from other trainers?

CT: My perspective is different. Training is more than telling someone what to do. When I train you, we are going to become best friends. It's about building a relationship. The key is love.

NWP: What is success to you?

CT: Everyone around me being genuinely happy, having financial freedom and moving like you want to move.

NWP: What is your vision for the future?

CT: I see myself working in Player Development for the NBA; and I want to own a gym that offers training and supervised fitness therapy.

--Nigel W. Powell

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