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2016-17 NBA Salary Cap and Luxury Tax Threshold announced

NBA salary cap, luxury tax, and other thresholds have been announced for the 2016-17 NBA season.

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday afternoon, details emerged outlining the new salary cap and luxury tax holds for NBA teams heading into the 2016-17 season.

Teams under and over the salary cap will have slightly more money to play with for the mid-level exception as well.

And this on Maximum Salary Levels, based on years of experience:

With hard numbers now announced by the league, salary structures for agreed upon contracts may start to trickle out and we can begin to get a better understanding on where teams currently sit.

As for where the Trail Blazers currently sit. The first year of Evan Turner's deal is presumed to be roughly $16.4 million. Which, with everyone else still committed, puts the Blazers over the cap. Now if they renounce, Chris Kaman and Brian Roberts then they're close- but still over. This is where the decisions get tricky, they can renounce Gerald Henderson's hold and make it under by nearly $8.5 million, or a combination of Allen Crabbe and either Maurice Harkless or Meyers Leonard and also be under by roughly the same amount.

Keep in mind that the Blazers can go over the cap to resign any of these guys, and the luxury tax threshold doesn't kick in until over $113 million. If the Blazers are looking to make another move, they've got some room to play with here. They can sign someone up to that cap space limit, use the MLE, and resign RFA's to fill out the roster. They could also look at absorbing some salary in a lopsided trade where one of the value contracts such as Ed Davis or Al-Farouq Aminu go out and the Blazers take on a deal worth up to roughly $15 million.

One other thing to consider is that the Blazers also need to be above the salary floor. The floor is sitting at $84.729 million right now and the Blazers (if they renounce Henderson) would be just slightly above that. It probably won't be an issue this year, but worth remembering.

For the league as a whole, it was announced that the overall salaries failed to meet the threshold required/set forth by the CBA. Therefore the league will be cutting an awfully big check to the NBPA.