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Nominate: The Biggest Blazer Villains Of The Past Ten Years

Who or what made Blazer fans howl the loudest over the past ten years?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We decided to start things off with a bang, and our first category is a doozy. It's this simple:

Who was the biggest villain of the Blazer's Edge era?

The term "villain" is intentionally being left loose and open to your interpretation. It can be a member of the Blazers, or someone who never wore red and black. It doesn't even have to be a person! If you can justify the reason for the nomination, go for it!

Everyone is invited to participate, even if you don't have any nominations!

Here's how it works:

1. Check the comments below for what has already been nominated! Click "Rec" on your favorites. Try to only recommend up to 10 nominees, but you're on the honor system here. Do you want to debate whether you think a nomination is good or bad? Please reply to them!

2. Don't see your nomination? Add a comment (not a reply!), and use this format in the subject line: "VOTE: Blah blah blah". Then use the body of the comment to explain your reasoning.

The number of recs will not decide the final order! The Blazer's Edge writers are going to use your nominations, and create the order from there. But the number of recs received will be very influential!

Just to be clear: We're not going meta here! We're not looking for the biggest villains on the site Blazer's Edge! (Insert joke here). We're looking for the biggest villains for Blazer fans as a whole. Who do you (love to?) hate more than any other?