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Welcome to the Blazer's Edge Tenth Anniversary Retrospective

Hopefully Dave saved his Blazer Thoughts password in case this Blazer's Edge gig isn't successful.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

It all started simply enough in Spring 2006, with some guy named Lance Uppercut writing a post named Welcome to the Terror Dome. And with that, SBNation had their dedicated site for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Of course, Lance Uppercut wouldn't be around for long. By summer of 2006, he was gone. Through a slightly circuitous path, Casey Holdahl eventually went to work for the very team he covered, the Blazers. And after almost two months of silence, a new voice appeared. Former "Blazer Thoughts" author Dave Deckard arrived and promised A New Beginning. A very apt title, as the Blazers had also started a new era, preparing for life with rookies Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. That worked out well for Portland, right?

It worked out much better for Dave. In ten years, Blazer's Edge has evolved from Dave's one-man show, to the triumphant two-man team of Dave and Ben Golliver, to the cast of dozens who bring you the latest news, analysis, entertainment, and the random weirdness that accompanies Blazer fandom.

During the dog days of the NBA's interminable summer, we thought we'd look back at the big Blazer events of the Blazer's Edge Era. There are just too many highlights and, um, lowlights to choose from. So we're going to need everyone's help.

Settle in, because over the weeks to come, we'll be asking for your nominations in various categories, then we'll count down all the best and worst. Of course, the categories are half the fun. Best Player? Of course? Favorite moment? Certainly.

What other categories would you enjoy seeing? Tell us in the comments.

Up next: I'll request for nominations for the first category. And it's a fun one. Stay tuned.