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Martell Webster Talks New Mixtape, Music, & Basketball With Blazer's Edge

Former Portland Trail Blazer Martell Webster joins the Blazer's Edge Weekend Podcast to discuss his new mixtape, his eclectic musical influences, how music and art relate to basketball, his time with a rebuilding Blazers roster, future music/basketball plans and much more!

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Former Portland Trail Blazer Martell Webster -- who wore the crimson and black for five seasons after the Blazers selected him straight out of high school with the sixth pick in the 2005 NBA Draft -- stopped by the Blazer's Edge Weekend Podcast to talk about music, basketball and life in general as he's set to release his new mixtape, ARTT.

Martell touched on a variety of topics across the board, and addressed a handful of questions submitted by Blazer's Edge readers on twitter. Included among the many subjects of conversation:

  • Martell's preparation for his latest mixtape and his eclectic musical influences,
  • How basketball, art and music relate,
  • Stigmas pertaining to athletes who release their own music,
  • The transition from being drafted by a 2005 Blazers squad that was coach-less and had largely lost the interest of the city and many of its fans to a much more respected organization just a few years later,
  • His future plans for both music and basketball,
  • The hardest guys to guard in the NBA,
  • His feelings about "The Definition," the nickname given to him,
  • Thoughts on a potential hip-hop collaboration with Damian Lillard, and more!

To find out what Martell is up to, follow him on twitter @MartellWebster. His new release, ARTT, can be found on SoundCloud, itunes and spotify. Brandon Goldner reviewed the mixtape for Blazer's Edge. Martell is also scheduled to do an AMA on reddit/r/nba today at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

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(Note: this episode of the podcast contains mild swearing, and Martell's music contains some adult themes and language.)

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This week, Martell generously provided our intro and outro music for the podcast. It can be viewed in its entirety at his record label's SoundCloud page, EYRST.

The direct .mp3 link of the podcast is here.

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-- Chris Lucia | | @ChrisLuciaPDX