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Is Evan Turner an Upgrade to the Portland Trail Blazers' Starting Unit?

Fans asked last week if Evan Turner, the Portland Trail Blazers' newest free agent signing, helps the starting lineup. The video answer is in this week's Q & A.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers added Evan Turner as their top-dollar free agent in 2016. Fans and pundits alike have been wary of the signing. With Portland matching restricted free agent Allen Crabbe's gigantic offer sheet from the Brooklyn Nets, the Blazers now have a backcourt rotation stuffed with cash, not to mention differing talents.

How Turner fits in isn't completely clear, but Neil Olshey's comments at a recent press conference suggest both Blazers brass and Terry Stotts have an angle on how to incorporate the former No. 2 overall pick from Ohio State. That is, he's likely to be a secondary ball handler once substitutions start.

Fans asked about Turner's fit in last week's Q & A session about trading for Greg Monroe.

This week's Q&A session covers a couple questions relating to Turner including:

  • Is he an upgrade to the starting lineup over 2015-16?
  • How valuable is his midrange jumper in Portland's offense??
  • Are you aware that you sort of look like Al Capone?

Watch the video above for the full breakdown, and if you want to have your question answered next week, comment below or send me a message via Twitter or Facebook.