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Pat Connaughton on Sudden Death Win: "It Was Chaos"

The Blazers battled for their first victory of the 2016 Las Vegas Summer League, winning the game on a 3-point dagger from Pat Connaughton.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers emerged victorious over the Utah Jazz in a sudden death-style double overtime finish. Pat Connaughton put together his best game of the Summer thus far, finishing with 19 points and sealing Utah's fate with a 3-pointer for the win. Blazer's Edge caught up with Connaughton after the game to talk about the dramatic finale and get an update on teammate Shabazz Napier, who left the game with a left shoulder sprain.

David MacKay: "What did you think about that wild finish?"

Pat Connaughton: "It was chaos. At the end of the day, we needed to just find a way to make plays to win the game. A lot of bounces were going their way, a lot self inflicted mistakes on our part, but we've preached-- Dame [Lillard], CJ [McCollum]-- preached this whole past season about 'together,' and I think that epitomized the together part; picking each other up. When there were mistakes we made sure to have each other's backs, when there were injuries we had each other's backs, and that's what won us the game."

DM: "How did you feel about your individual performance within that?"

PC: "It was decent. There were times I could have done better, shots I could have made that were open shots that I needed to knock down, but, at the end of the day, getting a win was what was most important to me. To be able to do that and help them out on a personal note, that was huge."

DM: "How did Shabazz hurt his shoulder?"

PC: "I think he hurt it twice. I think he re-aggravated it on the foul at the end of the half, but he's a tough kid. He's going to battle through and, at the end of the day, I think it was more of a precautionary measure than anything else."

Having won this game, the Blazers will be scheduled to play in the Summer League tournament tomorrow, at a time that has yet to be determined.