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Adidas D Lillard 2 'Florist City' Review

Dane Carbaugh returns to the videosphere to talk about the Portland-themed edition of Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard's signature shoe model.

Damian Lillard’s signature shoe line has been the source of both derision and high praise. The adidas D Lillard 1 was seen as an indicator of Lillard’s marketability, but reviews of the shoe were lackluster. That has not been the case with the D Lillard 2, which some have called the best basketball shoe of this past season.

One of the best colorways of the D Lillard 2 is the third edition of the "Florist City" model.

First introduced back in 2014 when Lillard was wearing the Crazy 1 — that's Kobe's old shoe — this season's version is better than ever. Playing off of the Rose city moniker for Portland, the florist city is a mostly-red affair with touches of leather, webbing, knit, foil, and Continental rubber.

So how does this you feel in person? Does it measure up to the city of Portland? And if you are a Blazers or Lillard fan, should you snag this or any edition of the adidas D Lillard 2?

Watch the video about to find out.


We have a new feature here on Blazer's Edge starting next week. There's much to talk about during the off-season, including the draft, Summer League, free agency, and the beginning of next season.

That's why we will be holding a video mailbag each week with Dane Carbaugh.

You can submit your questions to Dane in the comment section of this article or directly via social media by tweeting him at @danecarbaugh or commenting on his Facebook page. Look for the first video with your questions answered next week!