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Former Blazers Executive Speaks On Dwight Howard and Free Agency

Former Trail Blazers executive Tom Penn discusses free agency and Dwight Howard.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As the Portland Trail Blazers move towards the NBA Draft and free agency, experienced voices are chiming in with their opinion of what would benefit the team going forward.

Dusty and Cam spoke with ESPN analyst and former Blazers executive Tom Penn about what input Damian Lillard likely has in the decision making processes, as well as the possibility of Dwight Howard in the Rose City.

On the topic of Lillard being a part of the front office decisions, Penn was skeptical.

"Well in our era, that player was Brandon Roy and to a lesser extent LaMarcus Aldridge. They were both younger, and Damian is still younger. I doubt there is that level of engagement and involvement, where Neil Olshey and company are asking Damian to evaluate things with them."

On the Blazers possibly acquiring Howard, the mercurial center for the Houston Rockets, Penn made an astute observation.

"At its core, I think it is a lack of self-awareness, a reality of accepting what he [Howard] is. Dwight for years wanted to envision himself as the go-to guy, the number one option, the main guy, but he does not develop the skill set that warrants that. So he has a misconception about himself which is flawed, and frankly, infixable."

Penn was more positive regarding the Howard signing if Howard was willing to be the second or third option behind Lillard and CJ McCollum.

The whole podcast can be listened to, here.