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What's up With Portland Trail Blazers Big Man Meyers Leonard?

Join Jo and Tara on the Weekend Fanalyst Edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast as they wonder what will happen to Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, while taking a deep dive into the life and times of the Portland Trail Blazers' most polarizing player, Meyers Leonard.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Jo is freezing in Juno, Tara is melting in Portland and the Blazer’s Edge Podcast is all new. Episode 142 is a pop culture extravaganza and we are discussing the hottest questions of the week on the Weekend Fanalyst Edition.

Will the Blazer’s keep Dame and CJ together? What about Meyers Leonard? What will we do now that the Blazer’s season is over? And how many euphemisms are there for getting kicked in the basketballs?

Are Lillard and McCollum more like Kirk and Spock or Picard and Riker? And how is Draymond Green like Arya Stark? Tune in to find out!

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Guard Defense

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Classic Games

This summer we are going to get our Blazers fix by watching some classic games and talking about them in the podcast. First up is the epic Game 5 of the Portland/Utah 1992 Western Conference finals. We’re talking about it on June 21st, watch and fanalyze along with us!

Meyers Leonard

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