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Chandler Parsons Receives "Near Max" Offer from Blazers, Hope for Centers in Vain

A local reporter implies that the Blazers' free agency search may peak with Parsons. A national site says they've offered him a near-max deal.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (11:47 PM): Tim MacMahon of ESPN reports that Parsons was impressed with the Trail Blazers' pitch, but has another meeting with the Memphis Grizzlies scheduled for Friday before he begins moving toward a decision.

A source described Chandler Parsons as "really impressed" with Portland's presentation, which included a four-year max offer and emphasized the Trail Blazers' vision for him.

Owner Paul Allen, general manager Neil Olshey, coach Terry Stotts and star point guard Damian Lillard traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Parsons, who is intrigued by the possibility of joining a playoff team with a young core.

Parsons has a Friday meeting set up with the Memphis Grizzlies, sources said.

UPDATE (11:30 PM): NBA Insider Sam Amick indicates that the Trail Blazers' meeting with Parsons has ended, clocking in at over two hours long.

Jason Quick of CSNNW sent out two tweets tonight that may spell the end to fan hopes that the Portland Trail Blazers will land a big-name center in free agency. The first had to do with prospective target Chandler Parsonswith whom the Blazers reportedly met as the NBA free agency period opened at midnight Eastern time tonight.

A maximum offer to Parsons would be 4 years, $94 million. At that rate the Blazers could not sign a second max-level free agent without completely gutting their roster. According to The Vertical, something near that deal has been offered.

Parsons is not bound to accept that deal...

...but Portland firing their big guns at Parsons speaks volumes about the availability of bigger names.

Quick's designation of "No. 1 target" could imply chronological order rather than order of preference, but he followed up with this tweet:

This would seem to preclude the Blazers chasing Hassan Whiteside, Dwight Howard, or any of the other centers they'd been linked to speculatively.

Nothing is firm until the free agent moratorium ends on July 7th, but for now it appears that the dream of a big-name center signing in Portland is dead and Chandler Parsons is their best hope.