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2016 NBA Free Agency Rumors: Horford, Conley, Parsons Scheduling Meetings

After a long an excruciating wait, NBA free agency opens tonight! Here's the latest buzz before we get started.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

2016's edition of NBA Free Agency is almost here. At 9pm tonight, teams and players will officially be allowed to talk with each other. They are technically not allowed to make any deals, but will typically reach informal agreements.

Blazer's Edge will have have plenty of coverage:

1. We'll have ongoing free agency buzz threads like this one. We'll keep it updated with the latest rumors, and you're welcome to chat in the comments.

2. Whenever rumors or news related to the Blazers is broken, we'll have a separate article posted to the front page, so you can discuss the ramifications. We'll do our best to link those posts here.

Hang out and enjoy the usual craziness of free agency. Blazer's Edge will keep you entertained over the next week with the usual coverage.


Woah! Here's a bit of a shocker!

A little Dwight update:

Good news!

lol the Lakers