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CJ McCollum Interviews NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Once again, Silver sat down with McCollum for a cordial conversation about pertinent NBA issues.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum conducted his annual interview with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver—this time with a video team present. The Players’ Tribune staff helped him piece together highlights from the Q&A, which you can watch below. Those highlights include McCollum and Silver discussing the NBA Draft, All-Star weekend, taunting, sponsorships, the Draymond Green suspension, diversity in management, and how anti-LGBTQ laws in North Carolina impacts the 2017 All-Star game.

For more from the extensive Q&A, click here. You’ll get bits and pieces from the cutting room floor, like this excerpt:

McCollum: Tell me a little about your Instagram. It’s pretty fire. You have a lot of great photos. You’re posting some behind-the-scenes action. To find those locker-room scenes with LeBron with the do-rag on, and guys kind of icing their feet or listening to music. Tell me about your Instagram.

Silver: Well, first of all, look for the posting later today of you at this interview.

McCollum: Yesssss.

Silver: So my idea with the Instagram account, and same with Facebook, was: I have all this incredible behind-the-scenes access. It’s the ultimate, you know, backstage pass. And I’ve been at the league for over 20 years and I’ve seen all kinds of great things. And when social media began developing, I thought, "What a great opportunity to share with other people what it’s like behind the scenes." Because everybody wants that backstage pass. So if you notice, I’m not in any of the pictures. Or hardly any of them. It’s always from my perspective. Some of them, I shoot myself with my smart phone. Often, as you see, there’s so many camera folks around the NBA that I can get them to send me the pictures and then I post them. But it’s just a fun way of allowing people to experience the stuff that you and I get to see every day, really, behind the scenes at the league.