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Former Portland Trail Blazer Terry Porter Appears on NPR Quiz Show

Former Blazer Terry Porter stopped by the NPR show "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" last weekend. Check below to see how he did on the quiz!

Ken Levine/Getty Images

In the most Portland thing that is likely to happen all Summer, former Trail Blazer and current University of Portland Head Basketball Coach Terry Porter stopped by the NPR News Quiz show "Wait Wait...Don't Tell me!" last weekend.

Porter spent some time reminiscing with host Peter Sagal about his experience in the 1992 Finals against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and reviewing his motivational strategies as a head coach at the college level. Interestingly, Porter also revealed that basketball was not his preferred career path growing up:

Sagal: And you went to a tiny little college called Stevens Point. Is that right?

Porter: Yes.

Sagal: Not one of those basketball factories, not exactly the University of Kentucky, if I'm not mistaken.

Porter: No, no. They didn't have any one-and-done candidates there.

Sagal: No, none of that.

Porter: Like, four-and-done.

Sagal: Right. Were you one of those kids - 'cause you, I'm assuming, were an excellent basketball player as a young man, did you imagine yourself in the NBA? Were you one of those guys who had those dreams, you just knew you were going to make it?

Porter: I did not have those type of dreams. I was actually a big football fan growing up, so I wanted to be a football guy.

Sagal: Well, I'm sorry for your disappointment.


After a brief interview, Porter participated in the show's weekly celebrity news quiz. To listen to the full segment, click here.