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Basketball Breakdown Highlights Damian Lillard's "Go-To" Moves

Basketball Breakdown put together an analysis of Lillard's best moves for their ongoing "go-to moves" video series.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Ever wonder how Damian Lillard scored 26.5 points per game for the Portland Trail Blazers during this year's NBA playoffs? Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown teams up with Bard College Head Coach Adam Turner to shed some light on the answer by describing Lillard's go-to moves from the post-season.

In the video (included below) Turner gets into the nitty-gritty details of Lillard's moves, explaining how Lillard uses footwork, ballhandling, and cunning to get by opponents. Turner also points out that Lillard is effective not because he has a vast array of moves, but because he has spent hours perfecting a few moves.

"Like all great players Lillard doesn't have 30 moves," Turner said. "He has a couple go-to moves, and a really simple counter to those."

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