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Dwight Howard Likely to Visit Portland Trail Blazers in Free Agency

As Howard prepares to hit the open market, he has once again been mentioned in the same breath as the Trail Blazers.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

After declining his player option with the Houston Rockets, free agent center Dwight Howard has once again been linked to the Trail Blazers; this time by ESPN’s Calvin Watkins, who lists Portland among the cities Howard is likely to visit in July. There is utility yet left in the 30-year old big man, if he can find the right fit. A worsening situation in Houston has marred his numbers and obscured his value.

His usage rate this season was 18.4, also his lowest output since 16.7 in his rookie season. Some of these numbers are misleading because of how the Rockets used Howard.

Houston didn’t use him enough and it showed on the floor, as Harden got tired and other players underperformed.

When the free-agent hustle starts this summer for Kevin Durant and LeBron James' services, Howard should get some invitations for visits. Dallas, Portland, Orlando and Milwaukee are in the mix for Howard, but whether or not he signs with them is uncertain.

The Trail Blazers are in need of a post presence and happen to have a burgeoning roster and a fat pocketbook. It makes sense for them to give Howard a look. Although a polarizing character in the eyes of the fans, Howard’s potential arrival would mark a huge free agent signing for Portland—something the city has not been historically known for.