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NBA Finals Chat: Warriors vs. Cavaliers (Game 6)

Hang out and chat as the Cleveland Cavaliers get a chance to push the NBA Finals to the limit.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Update: The Cavs blew out the Warriors in Game 6 tonight, with LeBron James completing back-to-back 40+ point performances. Everything is on the line Sunday night in Game 7!


Draymond Green returns for the Golden State Warriors, as they get their second chance to win their second consecutive NBA Championship. However, they lost one of their defensive anchors, Andrew Bogut, in Game 5, and must survive a hostile crowd in Cleveland. If the Cavs survive tonight, they would reach Game 7 and have their first-ever chance to win an NBA Championship with a victory. They've lost their two previous Finals trips 4-0 (Spurs) and 4-2 (Warriors).

Hang out here and chat about Game 6, and whatever else is on your mind. Enjoy the game! -- Tim