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A Dozen Free Agent Prospects for the Portland Trail Blazers

We look at the entire top third of the 2016 free agent class and discuss suitability for duty in Portland. Plus we defend LeBron James something fierce!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Blazer's Edge Podcast is on the air! As promised yesterday, co-host Dan Marang and I break down various free agents into tiers and discuss their suitability for the Portland Trail Blazers. Centers, power forwards, small forwards...we've got them all! We also go full-on Leave Britney Alone when discussing LeBron James and fickle media/fans. Fun tangents like that actually prevented us from getting to the OTHER twenty free-agent names on our list, so expect us to do this again before July with even more fun and odd names.

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--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge