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Damian Lillard Maintains Radio Silence Regarding Aldridge's Departure

Lillard kept quiet when asked about former teammate LaMarcus Aldridge on Twitter today. To many, the silence may speak volumes.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly one year after LaMarcus Aldridge's departure from the Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard opted to discussor, more accurately, not to discusshis former teammate, when asked about him on Twitter.

Lillard has generally been reticent to publicly talk about Aldridge's decision to leave Portland over the last year, instead preferring to exalt his current teammates. Lillard went so far as to publicly campaign that the Blazers' roster remain unchanged at the trade deadline in February this year.

Lillard's most recent tweet about Aldridge would seem to be a tacit departure from his stance last summer. At the time, Lillard told Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports that he had wanted Aldridge to stay:

[Aldridge and I] basically exchanged texts about how much admiration we have for each other. That change wasn't about me. I did express that I wanted him to be back. I told him I respected his decision. I respected that he told me before the news broke and I saw it on TV.