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Trail Blazers' Assistant Nate Tibbetts Linked with Memphis Job

With coaching vacancies popping up left and right, Trail Blazers assistant Nate Tibbetts finds himself in the rumor mill once again.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies parted ways with Head Coach Dave Joerger on Saturday after Joerger was seeking permission from the Grizzlies to talk with other teams about head coaching vacancies. While this in itself is part of the normal news cycle, it does pertain to the Portland Trail Blazers somewhat directly.

The Tibbetts that Lowe is referring to is of course Trail Blazers assistant Nate Tibbetts. For the last couple of seasons he has been on the short list for various coaching vacancies, much the same way Terry Stotts was for a few seasons after he helped guide the Dallas Mavericks to an NBA title as an assistant.

While Tibbetts doesn't have the title on his resume, he is seen as a top flight coach, ready to make the move to the next chair over. Also, like Stotts, Tibbetts is thought to be an excellent basketball mind on the offensive side of the ball. Which would make sense if a team like Memphis is interested in switching things up a bit.

Last month Kevin Arnovitz authored a piece for, covering some of the top assistants in the league, here's a brief snippet of what he had to say.

Though he's not a big personality, per se, Tibbetts' combo of player development chops, time as a head coach, positive energy and communications skills is starting to reach front offices around the league. With a slew of openings this spring and summer, Tibbets is likely to visit some executive suites after the Blazers' season ends.