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How Can the Trail Blazers Handle the Golden State Warriors?

The FANalysts are back on the Blazer's Edge Podcast this weekend, discussing the mood of the playoffs, how the Trail Blazers will handle the Golden State Warriors at home as the Western Conference semifinals progress, the potential contributions of a healthy Meyers Leonard and more!

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From the heart of Rip City to the wilds of British Columbia and Alaska, the FANalysts on Blazer's Edge go the extra 1,000 miles to bring you their latest podcast, as Jo chases wifi in the Last Frontier to discuss the legendary 2016 playoff run.

Jo and Tara talk about the mood in Portland after the first round of the playoffs and how the Blazers are approaching their Western Conference semifinals series with the Golden State Warriors. How are they going to handle them at home? Will we see Noah Vonleh in the lineup? Would Meyers Leonard make a difference in this series?

They also reveal which Blazers they would add to this year's lineup to help out in the playoffs (Jo wasn't allowed to choose LaMarcus Aldridge). Who would you bring back?

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