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Chat Thread: Golden State Defeats OKC, Will Play Cavs in NBA Finals

Two teams with Northwest links fight for a trip to the Finals!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It's official! The Golden State Warriors are headed to the 2016 NBA Finals after defeating Oklahoma City. They'll meet the Cleveland Cavaliers, in a rematch of the 2015 NBA Finals, won by the Warriors over an injury-plagued Cavs roster.

Feel free to use this as an open chat thread, relax and talk some basketball if you'd like. We'll have a fresh chat thread when the Finals gets underway.


It's a quiet Memorial Day weekend, so consider this your fun chat thread of the evening. Golden State and Oklahoma City have played a barn-burner of a series, and it all comes down to this. Root againstfor the team of your choice!

Golden State vs. Oklahoma City

6:00pm | TNT

Hang out here, chat about the game, and consider this an open chat thread to discuss whatever after the game ends! Enjoy the game!