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Damian Lillard Reportedly Drawing Interest From Record Labels

Lillard is widely considered the best rapper in the NBA.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

According to TMZ, several major record labels are interested in signing Damian Lillard to a rap deal. The Trail Blazers point guard has independently released several tracks for free on his SoundCloud and YouTube account in the last year or so; most notably "Bigger Than Us" which aired on National Television and has nearly 750K plays to date. A deal would aid Lillard in monetization and distribution of future releases if he chose to go that route.

Remember, as always, to consider the source and apportion grains/mountains of salt accordingly. This report feels somewhat dubious, and the quote on record from Lillard’s agent is phrased as if it were a context-free response to a leading question.

Goodwin says Lillard is interested -- but doesn't want go down that road until after the NBA season is over. 

"We've put it on hold until the summer," Goodwin says ... "We will explore those options versus starting his own label. A distribution partner is really what's needed."

For an idea of how these interviews go, you can watch a TMZ paparazzo harass hip hop recording artist Common for a statement on Lillard, which they then billed as a "legendary co-sign." Again, make of it what you will.