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Trail Blazers Center Mason Plumlee Working to Help Haiti

You can ask Portland's center a question as part of his new charity campaign.

As this video explains, Portland Trail Blazers center Mason Plumlee has joined up with Moment to raise funds for Project Medishare, an organization working to improve quality of life in Haiti. Moment's process is pretty simple: for a donation of $125 the athlete sponsoring the campaign will record a short personal video for you.

In order to spread the word of Mason's effort and their part in it, Moment has offered the readers of Blazer's Edge their own video. We are free to ask Mr. Plumlee anything we wish (you know, within reason) and he'll respond. Since the videos are short, the editorial staff will choose a question or two as representative of the site. We'll post the video when ready.

You can submit a question for Mason in the comment section or by sending it to Also don't forget to donate to the cause as you're able.