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Will The Portland Trail Blazers' Culture Help Land Them a Free Agent?

James Holas of joins Chris and Brandon on the Blazer's Edge Weekend Podcast to talk about the Trail Blazers as a free agent destination, the upcoming draft, rumblings of Dwight Howard, what the Blazers might have to give up for a 2016 first-round pick, and more!

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Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Has Damian Lillard built a culture that can attract legit free agents? James Holas of (@SnottieDrippen) joins Chris and Brandon to talk about free agency, Dwight Howard, where Lillard fits in the upper echelon of NBA point guards, and a lot more.

Huge props to James for sticking with us even after we lost 50+ minutes of stuff and had to re-record basically the whole thing. You're the real MVP, James.

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