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CJ McCollum Trolls Heat Fan About Hassan Whiteside Free Agency

McCollum knows who's on the free agent market this summer. Portland being potential buyers, he engaged a respectful Miami Heat fan in conversation.

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

It seems almost a foregone conclusion that the Portland Trail Blazers will pursue Hassan Whiteside of the Miami Heat in upcoming free agency. The gifted young center is arguably the best rim protector in the league, and he will be unrestricted come July. The possibility of him playing in Portland next season has, on various occasions, drawn eager speculation, so much so that when CJ McCollum reached out to Whiteside on Twitter in reaction to something as irrelevant as a video about red velvet cake, fans from both coasts were convinced it was courtship.

Perhaps for the sake of self amusement, McCollum engaged Twitter user @nowhitechalk, pointing out that Whiteside can make his own decisions.

To which @nowhitechalk responded:

Teasing the game out a little longer, McCollum stated his allegiance and left it at that.

Of course, all of this means very little on a slow news day in May, but it is fun to think that if Whiteside were to make his way out west this summer he would be welcomed by teammates that appreciate his humor. It is uncommon for players to freely comment on free agents like this, so it is an interesting exchange at the very least.

*H/T to the one and only Dan Graves, who spotted this interaction