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Blazer's Edge Radio Airs Tuesdays at Noon in Portland on 107.1 XRAY.FM

Blazer's Edge takes over the airways on 107.1 XRAY.FM in Portland Every Tuesday from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. to talk Trail Blazers, take live calls from listeners and more!

Harry How/Getty Images

Blazer's Edge Radio will once again be live in its weekly slot on 107.1 XRAY.FM in Portland today (and every Tuesday!) from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Give us a call live at 503-233-XRAY(9729) if you'd like to be on the air.

Joining me in studio this week is Blazer's Edge feature writer Evans Clinchy, who will help me hit on the Trail Blazers and Warriors Western Conference semifinals matchup from all angles, including what adjustments Portland needs to make headed into Game 2. We'll also share thoughts on whether Dwight Howard would actually be a good idea in Portland, Nic Batum's comments that he's finally being utilized correctly now that he's in Charlotte, and touch on the NBA playoffs as a whole so far.

The beauty of a live broadcast is that we are able to get fans on the air to help drive the conversation. Got a Blazers or NBA question or topic for the show? You can get on the show live by calling 503-233-XRAY(9729) and Engineer Morgan will get you on the air. Questions can also be tweeted to me at @petersampson, or just leave a comment/question below and we'll address it during the show!

For those outside of the Portland area or without a radio, the show can be streamed at For an archive of previous weeks' shows, visit the Blazer's Edge Radio show page here.